Mar. 23rd, 2003

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Hello all! For now at least, I'm double posting here and on livejournal... I like my ujournal, and do not want to leave it behind completely!

I got to Martha's Vineyard safe and sound, although not without some adventure. As it turns out the bus I planned to take from South Hadley to Boston, where I transferred, had been canceled. It normally runs on Fridays only, but Peter Pan Busses (you'd like them Naomi--they've all got scenes from the book on the side of the busses) canceled it, figuring that, with Spring Break and all, there would be no one in South Hadley to go to Boston. I learned this, unfortunately, by waiting at the bus stop for a bus that never appeared. Eventually, a bus came, but it was headed for New York. The bus driver was sympathetic (although he obviously thought I was a total idiot) and let me ride his bus to Springfield, where I transferred to a bus to Bus to Boston.

I was a bit scared on the trip to Boston--my original bus would have arrived at 2:45, and the bus to Wood's Hole (where I caught the ferry) was leaving at 3:15. Unfortunately, my new bus's predicted arrival time was "3 pm... no, actually a few minutes after 3. Now that I think about it, 3:15"--clearly a problem. I ended up arriving in Boston at 3:07. I then quickly bought my tickets (I was transferring from Peter Pan to Bonanza Busses, and thus could not have bought tickets in advance) and got on the bus, just in time.

It was a beautiful thing.

So, you ask, what were the bus drivers like?

South Hadley to Springfield: thought I was stupid. Had a thick accent.

Springfield to Boston: effeminate, had red curly hair. I know it was his uniform, but when mixed together with his overall look, the green uniform with a Tinker Bell lapel pin was *really* funny.

Boston to Wood's Hole: Todd. Excited. Over-enthusiastic. Repeatedly reminded us to "stay motivated." Felt it was his job to "lull us to sleep" in his "modern, fantastic, state-of the art motor carriage" complete with the "amazing, incredible bathroom facilities." Made the ride interesting, to say the least. Had a really slight Boston accent, which made his voice reminiscent of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore in the scene when he's sweet-talking his girlfriend over the intercom...

But now I'm here. Having a great time with Becca and Nick. We watched Kissing Jessica Stein last night--fantastic movie. Am willing to talk about small issues with movie, but overall was very good. Also have been watching much coverage of the war. No two people seem to agree on the pronunciation of "Iraq"--very interesting. Also, lots of exciting theme music and pretty logos. "It feels like the Olympics," as Becca said.

Got to see Becca and Nick's new house today--it's amazing how much progress has been made since the last time we visited, when they were clearing the land. They're hoping to move in next month--they're in the progress of framing the windows. They still need to plaster the walls, do the floors, and install appliances... but the house is *there!*


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