Mar. 27th, 2003


Mar. 27th, 2003 08:04 am
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Am updating only here today, as uJournal has gone into crazy read only mode, which explains the fact that it's been randomly crashing every time I used it.... *prides self on impressive use of*

Sigh. Have become v. caught up in choir, schoolwork, etc. Have only been back less than a week, but this is the first time I've updated since the Vineyard, and I've only sent out one email in this time. And it was to the Preview Weekend coordinator woman, so it wasn't actually an exciting email.

Which brings me to a very sad point. I don't get to host for Preview Weekend this year :(. The weekend is April 11-14, with people spending the night on the 13th. Unfortunately, the Concert Choir trip to Cornell is April 12-13. So I won't be having any Prospies to show around. Although, since I think Elissa's hosting 2 people, I'll get to find them on the floor when we get back late on the 13th... Hopefully missing the prime Preview Weekend days will not mean I lose my chance to meet Melissa, because that would just be sad.

Ah, well. Am off to breakfast and compsci. How'd it get to be Thursday already?

(Yesterday's)Daily Moment of Zen: "There is a vast preponderance of conspiracies on the subject of Jefferson's pregnancy"
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I am v. excited about my major(s). Both topics make me happy. And, the CompSci pages in the course book talk about CompSci complementing a philosophy major (AI ties in well with Phil. of the Mind). So, here are the requirements for the majors: (I'm a little bit excited, aren't I?)

X CompSci 101
X CompSci 211
CompSci 221-Assembly Language
CompSci 311-Theory of Computation
CompSci 324-Computer Architecture
CompSci 322-Operating Systems
CompSci 334-Artificial Intelligence
2 other 300-level CompSci classes
Math 232-Discrete Math
Math 202-Calc II

Phil 201-Greek Period
X Phil 202-Modern Period
Phil 205-Ethics
Phil 290-Meaning, Time, and Beauty: Philosophy in Dialog
Phil 210 or Phil 225 (Logic)
3 300-level Philosophy classes

Sigh. Back to (philosophy) homework.
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