Apr. 11th, 2003

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Yesterday was wonderful. It was one of the best days ever. There were a wide variety of fantastic things, each of which made me happy separately.

Thinking about the fact that they all happened in one day is kind of surreal.

So, here was my day yesterday:

1) I went to the CompSci potential major/minor luncheon. I am *so* excited about my double major right now. CompSci/Philosophy is going to be fantastic. *Happy, happy, happy!*

2) Yesterday afternoon, I saw Arthur Danto speak on "Upper West-Side Buddhism." It was really cool--he was talking about the influence that this teacher of Zen at Columbia had on all the art and music of the late 50s (Andy Warhol, John Cage [a man who wrote a song called "4 minutes 30 seconds" which consisted of a pianist sitting at a piano for that length of time and doing nothing], JD Salinger is supposed to be influenced by this man) and also how it affected him as a philosopher and aesthetician. He also talked about how, for him, analytic philosophy was a kind of Zen in its assumption that once you systematically work out the logic of a situation all the pieces of the answer fall into place. This inspired me towards the philosophy half of my double major... (Please note: this is only what I thought he said. I was pretty sure I understood what he was saying, but afterwards everyone I talked to said it was over their heads, so I'm thinking I may have made some of this up. I think he said that much at least. Maybe there was just more I missed, that confused people)

3) Hall choosing was yesterday. Because we had such a good lottery number (#143) we got our first choice, and were out by 8 o'clock (it began at 7:30). We get to live in MacGregor, we get to live in MacGregor, we get to live in MacGregor, hey hey hey hey hey!

4) Iphigenia and Other Daughters was simply amazing. I didn't think I'd be able to see it at all, because El, Marjorie and I are going to be gone for the rest of the weekend for choir. But I did get to see it and... I am in love. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to see a play, and this was a wonderful play to end the dry spell with. I've been attached to the Orestia for awhile now, mostly thanks to The Flies and it was so cool to see an adaptation. It was awesome. And Electra was just incredible. Susanna (who is in my history class and was in my debate group on Wednesday) was really good as Iphigenia, too. Actually, the entire cast was fantastic (how many times have I used that word so far?)

And then I saw lots of Buffy. I stayed up until 2:30 watching Buffy with Dani. That was fun, although it doesn't quite measure up to the wonder of the rest of my day. Buffy was really funny though...

And tonight we go to see Ros and Guil! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy.


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