Apr. 14th, 2003

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Well, it's been a very long weekend. I suppose I will talk about it item by item.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: All I can say is, amazing. Well worth the wait. (Marjorie and I found out about this performance last October or November...) The set was inspired by Escher. The Tragedians were grotesque. Guildenstern was ... everything I love about Guildenstern... ponderous, mopey, etc. Rosencrantz was... Rosencrantz kind of reminded me of the movie version of Pippen, only without the Irish accent, with even more energy, and simply amazing. The Player was... excellent. Hamlet was being deep and Hamlet like, wearing a beret and delivering his speeches to the back wall as though there were another audience watching Hamlet on the other side. Gertrude and Claudius were ridiculous.

bus rides to and from Cornell: I sat next to Marjorie, and had a fun time having lots of conversations about Shakespeare, Marlowe, and why I can't name my child Mephistopheles. At various times throughout the weekend I learned that our odd conversations had an audience. We drove through the Catskills. It was fun. On the way back we stopped for dinner and I was one of the bad people who make the bus wait because they're in line to get ice cream...

Cornell: Gorgeous. Very gorgeous. I can't tell you how glad I am to go to MHC.

party at Cornell: Interesting. The party life that... fortunately... does not happen at MHC. Or does, but without me, for which I am glad. It was fun. Bonnie (a fellow alto 1) and I ended up talking to these two guys for a long time. They tried to convince us to come to some other party with them--apparently you haven't "really been to Cornell" if you haven't gone to the After Hours Party. And then we decided to go back to our host's house. So, naturally, we looked for our host, Sarah. But we couldn't find her. At all. We wandered all around the house many times looking for her. Eventually we found this guy named John. He told us that Sarah was off having sex with some guy. He got his friend Beth to drive us to Sarah's house (we wouldn't have gone with him alone.... too many bad stories) Well, Sarah's apartment was locked and her roommate wasn't home. So we went back to the party and stole her keys from her purse. John did at least. And then we drove back, he let us into her apartment, and then he went back and returned her keys.

more on Sarah and John: When John was dropping us off, he said "You'd better tell Sarah that John helped you, because Sarah hasn't been nice to John lately." From conversations I overheard the next morning, John is slightly stalking Sarah. Beth lives in his co-op. Sarah's kinda bitchy.

the concert itself: It went really well. The NYC Youth Chorus was really great. Cornell was good too, although not as good as I expected. [livejournal.com profile] empress_elle has a good description of the concert. I'm holding a torch for the little boy in the blue necktie from NYC. His face when he was singing made me very happy. Also, a m-to-f trannie stopped me as we were filing out to prepare to go onstage and told me that she liked my haircut. She also had very short hair...


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