Apr. 18th, 2003

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am quite tired. But have many things to say.

First of all, I've basically got my schedule figured out for next year. I meet with my advisor (the goddess!) tomorrow morning to discuss it and get it signed. So here it is:

CompSci 221 - Machine Language
Phil. 201 - The Greek Period
Phil. 210 - Logical Thought
Hebrew 150 - Modern Hebrew
PE 136 - Beginning Fencing

I also want to take Calc. 2, but there are exactly 2 sessions of it, one that meets during Machine Language and one that meets during the Greek Period. (and those are the classes I'm 100% sure I want/need to take) I may end up preregistering for it and hoping that they'll add a section. We'll see.

Chorus Line is playing at UMass this weekend, and Marjorie, Dani and I are planning on going tomorrow. Yay!

While at the library today, the aforementioned people and I ran across this book. We weren't sure whether it was serious or satirical, and it was confusing enough that I had to check it out on Amazon to find out. It was the sort of thing that could have either been scary right-wing Bush adoration or a mockery of it. It has really melodramatic chapter titles and such. As it turns out, it's serious. How could someone have written a serious book entitled W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty?!

Tonight was the feminist sedar, and it was really cool. I randomly decided to wear a dress, which made it interesting--I don't usually have urges to wear dresses. But I had fun running around campus late at night in my 8th grade graduation dress. I found the afikomen, which was quite exciting. I won a JSU t-shirt and chocolate which is Kosher for Passover--yay! I've wanted a JSU t-shirt for awhile, but never remember to ask Melissa about buying one unless it's Shabbat...


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