Apr. 19th, 2003


Apr. 19th, 2003 12:07 pm
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I've been really enjoying keeping Kosher for Passover this year. Especially in comparison with last year's laughable attempt, this has been really nice. There's a big difference between Passover with a community and one without one, and I really love the Jewish community here.

For me, Judaism has always been very much about spending the holidays with family, and the group that has been eating in the Eliot House over the last several days, while not a family, has the same sort of feeling. I feel so good watching Melissa and Laurel make sure that everyone's eating healthily. Watching them pack food for Elissa and Hannah to take to their rigatta, or for Elizabeth to take to her race. Being asked again and again if I've had enough to eat.

Food has a very different feeling when it's made with love, and when a group of people cooks for each other and supports each other the way the Jewish community has. I imagine a commune would feel something like this, and now I want to run off and join one.

Last night, Rabbi Lisa passed around her box of Messenger Cards, which are a homemade (and Jewish) version of the Angel Cards we have at home.

I got "community."


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