Apr. 22nd, 2003

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Molly: *talks for some time about Dukat, Kira, etc, ends up talking about sketchy relationship between Dukat and Kira's mom*
Eleanor: so that's why she ended up a terrorist
Molly: no, she ended up a terrorist because everyone on Bajor is a terrorist
Eleanor: oh, yeah
Dani: wait, there's an entire planet of terrorists?
Molly: no, they're not terrorists, they're... er... noble guerilla warriors. who operate out of cells
Dani: you mean like Afghanistan 20 years ago?
Molly: well, they're very religious, so that makes everything ok.

I made Eleanor download a *lot* of DS9 episodes tonight... I kept thinking of episodes she "has" to download. Hopefully by the time they all get downloaded work will be done. And we won't be gone for the summer yet. I have yet to *see* a DS9 episode since this revisited obsession started, but I will eventually, I promise...

Shocking news: Alexander Siddig and Nana Visitor have divorced! Nana Visitor is now engaged to another man.

Other enjoyable thing: Patrick Stewart was on the Daily Show to promote X-Men 2, and he joked about a movie involving "him, Ian McKellen, and a white boa."

Random thought: if the Federation doesn't want us to refer to them as "the Prophets," shouldn't they have come up with a better name than "the Wormhole Aliens?"


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