May. 11th, 2003

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Ack. I'm going crazy. I feel fine, but I've flipped out completely and have disturbingly little control over my actions.

Tonight I decided to go to Mass with Dory. It sounded interesting, and I wanted to go. So, there I am, at Mass, and I realize "Hey, I've got a shift tonight! I'm supposed to be at work right now!" So I run back to 1837, in the rain, only to find that my shift has ended and Kat has done my work for me.

So, I've missed out on my shift *and* run out on Mass.

Everything other than that seems fine until I go to M&Cs, where I find Marjorie. "Hi, Molly," she says, "I just came from a really interesting history group meeting."

It takes me several seconds to realize that I was supposed to be at that meeting too.

I need to get my work done! And remember when I'm supposed to be places.

On the bright side, I've gotten an email from my compsci prof, giving me advice on how to fix the problem I was struggling with (one line was causing 20 compiler errors). Also, I've heard from Cathy Melhorn, who says I don't have to come early for Glee Club next year, and will thus not have to spend $100 to change my plane ticket. Yay!

Self: remember: shift 8:30. Bring cups to wash before packing. History final Skinner 11:15. I'm assuming Ellis's office, because I was sort of out of it when Marjorie told me where we have to go.

Sam has sent me her slash. I. will. wait. to. read. it. until. I. finish. I. hope.


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