May. 18th, 2003

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Hello! It's been a long time since you've heard from me, no? Well, I'll do my best to give an account of the last.... 2? 3ish? days.

Thursday: At lunch I finally gave Dick the checker the CD I burned him at least 2 months ago, and always forget to bring to Prospect to give him. (Dick is a very nice little old man who always plays music as he checks cards. It's usually old jazz and the Rat Pack, and it makes me happy. So I made him a compilation of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.) He was very happy and when I left lunch he was playing it.

I got to meet Marjorie's mom at dinner (well, I *met* her earlier, but I had a conversation with her at dinner) and she was really cool. I was slightly out of it from having slept very little the previous two nights [writing papers] and Hossein came over and said goodbye to me. He was wearing his whole chef's outfit, with the hat and all, and Marjorie told her mom "That's the chef in our dorm." "Really?" Marjorie's mom responded, "I didn't realize that. I thought he was your English teacher." Here's where my being totally out of it comes into play: I took her seriously.

Friday: Elissa and Gretel were supposed to leave at 5 am. I was not at all surprised to wake up at seven to find Elissa still there... Gretel left a note on our door to the effect of "It's 2:10 am and I haven't started packing and I still have a final to finish. We'll leave a bit later than we planned." As you might imagine, this was a bit upsetting for Elissa, who is only the world's most obsessive planner. [for the record, when Dory and I left at 10, Elissa and Gretel were still there]

There was breakfast served in the 18 dining hall, but it was only for Reunions workers. Dick from Prospect was swiping cards. Those of us non-Reunions workers gathered in a crowd outside sadly looking inside at those eating. Finally, Madeline went in and talked to Chef Jeff, who came out and asked Dick to let us in. As I walked, Dick said quietly, "I would have let you in anyway." As I was leaving after breakfast, he stopped me and talked to me and ASKED MY NAME which made me very happy. We talked for a while, actually. His daughter used to go to Humbolt state. So he's probably driven through Willits. I left the dining hall with the biggest grin on my face.

Dory and her dad drove me to the airport. Dory's dad is really sweet. I packed too many bags, hoping that they'd let me check three bags if two of them were small. Unfortunately, they didn't. It would have cost me eighty dollars to take a BACKPACK on the plane. Luckily Dory was there with me, and she took my yellow backpack and is shipping it to me. Dory is such a wonderful person.

And then... I spent a lot of time at airports. And on airplanes. O'Hare is much better than Midway. I didn't realize until Thursday night that I was flying United and not America West, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Finally I arrived in SF, and got to see my family. Yay! We spent the night at my grandparents'.

Saturday: Well, mostly we drove home. In the morning we went to visit my cousins, and it was cool to see them. They've gotten older. Ben is too old. He apparently just started reading Harry Potter fanfiction (he's been doing HP RPGs for a while). I don't want Ben involved in the Fandom. That scares me. I mean, I know he's not going to end up reading far-out slash (he thinks that the fandom ships mostly H/Hr! Ha! The fandom is mostly H/D! Who in their right mind ships H/Hr? [says the person who actually thinks Harry should be asexual. R/S all the way ;-) ])

And, I'm home now. It's an... interesting feeling. The phone line we use to connect to the internet is down, and it won't be up again until tomorrow night. We have to go online on the regular phone line, which means the internet is limited to 15 minute intervals so we can get incoming calls. I'm writing this offline, and will post it as soon as I'm done.


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