Jun. 9th, 2003

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I saw a lot of my family on the Aplet side this weekend. Friday night was my cousin Joe's graduation, and we all piled over to Potter Valley to see him graduate. Both my grandparents on that side were there (they both live nearby) and my cousin Mark drove in from Sacramento. It was very nice, except that Potter Valley graduations are always way longer than they should be. This is manly the fault of "roasts and toasts," which is a very nice feature, and makes the graduation very personal. The problem is that hearing a speech about each of the twenty-five (this year... I think there were thirty graduates last year) graduates gets very tiresome. There was in fact an entire little bloq of Joe's relatives on the bleachers at the graduation... go us!

Sunday was my grandpa's birthday, and the same crowd (with the exception of Grandma, who divorced Grandpa when I was one, Mark, who had to go back to Sacramento to help his boss buy a car (!?), and Aunt Judi's relatives, whom I had not met until Friday anyway). We all went down to Lake Mendocino, and it was quite nice. We got to spend more time with my cousin Chris, who wasn't really around Friday night after the graduation because he was volunteering at P.V. Sober Grad.

So, in all, lots of family.

Kim's going to come and visit me this afternoon... I am quite excited as I have not seen any of my friends since Memorial Day weekend. This should be fun.


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