Jun. 14th, 2003

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This entry is soley for the purpose of showing Naomi what my new mood images look like.

Have fun.
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Naomi and I are watching The Pianist. In the earlier parts of the movie, Naomi was rather brain dead about her WWII history...

Naomi: Wait, they're Polish?
Me: They're in Warsaw.
Naomi: *smacks head in anger at self*


Naomi: Are they building the concentration camp?
Me: That's the Warsaw Ghetto.
Naomi: *smacks head in anger at self*

Ok, now we have stopped watching The Pianist, because it is a bit intense and we're both trying to do different things at the same time, so we're not paying the best attention. The experience is thus something like, "wait, why are they killing all those people this time?" "I don't know, they lined them up into rows and apparently they're killing everyone in the front row." We are getting stressed out and are going to watch crap television instead.

2 worst deaths so far:
- the Nazis were making everyone in a family leave their home, and a little old man couldn't get out of his chair. The Nazis shoved the man and his chair out the window. (they were on the 3rd or 4th floor)
- the death mentioned above, which confused Naomi and I. They had the front row lie down on the ground, and went down the row shooting everyone in the head. Just before the last man, the Nazi ran out of bullets, and had to stop and reload the gun. The man had to lie there, knowing he was about to die while the Nazi reloaded his gun.

Grrr.... watching crap tv is so far unsuccessful. We turned on SNL and there was a Jewish joke....


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