Jun. 30th, 2003

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Wah! I was typing away at this entry when I tried to spell check, causing Phoenix to crash... I want my iJournal back!!! wah!

So, anyway. Going to the Bay Area to visit aunt, cousins and grandparents, and drop Naomi off for two weeks of Noah- and Becca-sitting.

We stopped for lunch at the Fresh Choice, the best restaurant chain ever and tragically lacking on the east coast. Actually, tragically lacking everywhere but California, Washington, and Texas (I checked the locations at the restaurant :D ). The majority of the Fresh Choice is a large salad bar, with just about everything you could possibly want on a salad. You go through the salad bar and get your salad. They then ring you up for your meal ($6.99 for the meal) and you go on. To the soup bar. The pasta bar. The baked goods bar. The fruit bar. The dessert bar. It's a sort of health food buffet... yum. In my ideal world dining halls would be Fresh Choice restaurants... sigh.

We somehow managed to get lost in San Francisco... it was quite special. We tried to drive around the edges of the city to avoid the traffic from the Pride parade, and in the process we ended up in Lake Merced. We ended up going by Robin Williams's house, though... my family somehow almost always ends up going by his house if we are in the city for any period of time (mainly because it is directly on the path between Highway 101 and the beach). But he is growing a brontosaurus topiary in his garden, which is interesting... the neck and head are not filled in yet so it's just a wire frame with eyes stuck to it. But back to getting lost. We ended up in Lake Merced and we made a left turn and then a large truck with devil stickers on the back appeared behind us. The man in the truck honked at us and then shook his fist at us as he passed us. But then we found ourselves again and went on and visited family and such.

The most exciting part of the weekend is that THERE IS A VERY GOOD CHANCE THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO COME BACK FOR MY COUSIN BEN'S BAR MITZVAH IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!! I'm going to miss Family Weekend, but I think going home and seeing my family on Family Weekend actually makes sense... I was really upset about having to miss it, because it would make me very sad, and it would also make Ben very sad....

Mom and I came home today, leaving Naomi behind. We stopped at the Apple Store (*drool*).... there were no G5s there yet but so much pretty pretty hardware....
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I should also mention the Jewishness of my last two days.... :) I wore my JSU t-shirt yesterday, and the entire family was sounding out what my t-shirt said (the cutest thing was Becca, aged 7: "that's a mem... and that's a hay...". I think I've gotten to the point when I can recognize more of the alphabet than she can, which makes me happy). Aunt Val was confused by all the vavs, and I think Papa Frank was the only one who just read it aloud (although he probably looked at it and figured it out before speaking, knowing him... he said he hasn't read Hebrew in 50 years.)

Anyway, Aunt Val wanted to know all about Jewish live at MHC. And last night she lent me several books. I have returned home with: *clears throat*

Jewish Literacy, by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
The Jewish Book of Why, by Alfred J. Kolatch
Miriam's Well: Stories About Women in the Bible, by Alice Bach and J. Cheryl Exum
Prayerbook Hebrew The Easy Way (which is waaay beyond my level of Hebrew. That is, it requires knowledge of the alphabet and verbs... perhaps I will borrow it again in a year)
God Was Not In the Fire: The Search for a Spiritual Judaism, by Daniel Gordis (this one sounds interesting... it looks to be about the secularization of Jews, something I know about all too well)
Jewish Women/Jewish Men: The Legacy of Patriarchy in Jewish Life, by Aviva Cantor (one of a few books Aunt Val doesn't want back... I got the sense that someone gave her this right after her divorce)
Deborah, Golda, and Me: Being Female and Jewish in America, by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Ack! The whole stack of books just fell on me. I need to find someplace better to put them!


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