Jul. 3rd, 2003

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I had a wonderful day. My parents have been gone for several days, and it was getting rather boring around here... yesterday I started watching bad television and thinking about how much Laura B. would hate my room--it's on the second floor, but it's got a sliding glass door to a balcony which a stalker could easily climb.

But anyway. My beautiful day. I went outside and stood in the sunlight for awhile, watching these cool-looking bugs and butterflies drink nectar from the pink flowers in the flower box on the bridge. I didn't realize we had any butterflies around our house, because I don't usually spend time on the bridge, but we have a *ton* of butterflies! The butterflies inspired me to take photos, but by the time I got out the digital camera and dealt with its disk issues (it's a very old camera and takes a floppy disk. It also has no eyepiece--you have to look at the lcd screen to figure out what it's pointing at) there were no more butterflies close enough to photograph. So instead I took photos of my house )

This evening I went to the Frontier Days carnival with Heather and Cody. (Yes. Frontier Days. In Willits the Fourth of July has nothing to do with the Revolutionary War and everything to do with the rodeo.) It was lots of fun--Heather and I have learned that we have the same choice in rides, so we hit the carnival together. I've been having a lot of fun with Heather this summer... I don't think we've gotten along this well since she and Cody started going out. And Cody hasn't been that bad the last few times I've seen him--he didn't giggle once today.

Heather is spending the night tomorrow... yay! We will have lots of fun and act like we're 12... yay!


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