Jul. 4th, 2003

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California Democrats are currently driven to a rather desperate form of political manouvering. You see, if the Republicans get their way and Gov. Davis is recalled (I don't like him all that much but he *did* win the office last fall, and the Republicans *could* have beaten him there if the state *wanted* a Republican Governor) there is a good chance that Arnold Schwartzenegger will run for the office.

This is a man who joined the Republican Party because he admired Reagan. He's got a decent stance on most liberal issues, but still.

If Gray Davis the psuedorepublican can't get us out of the budget crisis, how is Arnold Schwartzenegger going to solve the problem? Is he going to beat it up? Lift weights and make it go away?

There's a LOT of speculation, though, that if T3 does unusually well, he will stay in the movies for a bit longer before going into politics.

So this is the odd request: Going to see T3 is a good thing for California. :-D
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A direct quote from my mom:

"You give us crazy-ass historical context"
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I got water in my ear earlier :(. And now I can't hear out of it. It makes me muy triste.

Also, why do all the cool nerdy people turn selfish and bad? I'm watching Mi Familia and Memo, who is always doing homework as a child and becomes a lawyer, turns into a pompous asshole who is embarrassed by his family. Percy did the same thing in Harry Potter. What is wrong with people who like to follow the rules and get ahead? wah.


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