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Phantom lyrics just popped randomly into my head. Well, not entirely randomly, as they were inspired by my hearing the word "twisted," although it took me several minutes to realize that that was the reason.

Twisted every way
What answer can I give?
Am I to risk my life
To win the chance to live?
Can I betray the man
Who once inspired my voice?
Do I become his prey?
Do I have any choice?
He kills without a thought
He murders all that's good
I know I can't refuse
And yet I wish I could
Oh God if I agree
What horrors wait for me
In this this the Phantom's Opera?

Christine, Christine
Don't think that I don't care
But every hope and every prayer
Rests on you now....

I really can't believe that we're going to see Phantom so soon. On the fourth Emmy said "We're going to see Phantomin a week!" and I panicked, but she was exaggerating. We're going on the seventeenth. It will be v. cool... the three of us in the Big City on our own... go us.

Ear update: I think it was improving until I took a shower this morning and got more water in it. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor, and hopefully my hearing will be restored. I have a new respect for the deaf--it's really irritating to have to have the correct ear faced towards someone to hear what they are saying.


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