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It has been several days since I last posted... I am working with my addiction and although I don't think that I can get to the point when I never post, I have made progress. The truth is, I have been away from home for the last two days...

Yesterday I went to the Bay Area to pick up Naomi... it is v. wonderful to have a sister again. I missed her. sigh.

Today I went with my parents to visit friends around Potter Valley. We got v. lost on the way to their house, because my parents didn't trust me when I thought a particular driveway was theirs (we had only been there once and we forgot the map and this was on Mid Mountain, which is a confusing tangle of dirt roads [Anon and Erika moved to Mid Mountain from the Potter Valley Pine Mountain when Erika and I were in high school]) and we kept driving... eventually we got there, though. It was fun. I hung out with Erika for a long time while our parents went down to the pond, and we barbequed together... I did lots of prawn-shelling today. I think shelling prawns is a lot more satisfying than eating them, and it's something I kind of miss about not eating meat. But I got to do it today and it was fun. It was really great to see them--Erika and I were really great friends when we were little and I went to school in Potter Valley (this was when I lived on Black Bart Trail, on the hill between Redwood Valley and Potter Valley) and now we only see each other once or twice a year. The first time I ever spent the night at a friend's, it was Erika's--our parents met because they were pregnant at the same time and in the same birthing class. There were a couple of interesting moments in the course of the day. For example, the point when Anon (Erika's mom) told my parents they should grow pot to make money. "That's not really our style," my mom said. Anon nodded sagely, "You don't have enough land." Overall, though, it was just wonderful to see them. I've been reminiscent all day, thinking about the time I've spent with them.

And, just for the record, I would like to clairify exactly how much our Explorer sucks. Now, admittedly, this delightful SUV is a 1992 model and has been through a *lot.* For example the time we were leaving Lett's Lake and one of the tires went flying and Mom, Naomi and Maggie had to find all the bolts from the hub cap and get a repairman out to the middle of nowhere. Anon, Erika and I helped them when we caught up in Anon's truck. But... the driver's control is the only way to open and close the windows in the car. The back righthand window control went out years ago. I guess over the winter the back lefthand window went out completely and is now held closed with a stick. Today we found that the front passenger window control is also out. The heater hasn't worked in two or three years--not something that matters in this weather (it reached the hundreds in Ukiah today) but causes lots of problems in the winter. A few weeks ago when I was with my dad in the Explorer I noticed a puffy white cloudy substance rising from under the hood. "Um, Dad, I think there's steam under the hood," I said. "Don't worry, it's just smoke," my dad replied. I guess the oil drips onto the engine and burns, causing the smoke. It just terrifies me that my dad, who has built I don't know how many cars, can't help the Explorer. It is time for us to say goodbye.


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