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In honor of Willits being in the news and all, I have given my journal a new title. "Hey Prowler, did you pay for that milk?" with the subtitle "This store is called Safeway because people who shop here are safe." I would very much like to see the Prowler video again--do your parents still have it, Hannah? It makes me *so* happy... whenever I pass the hospital I have an urge to reinact the Prowler's death scene on the lawn. And I've occasionally gotten excited about pencils and checking them for fingerprints :-D

I've also made myself a new icon... because, clearly, I have not had enough Hedwig icons in the history of this journal. At least this one has no gummy bears on it...

And if anyone wonders where I've been over the last couple of days, it's not that I've been gone. Although I have been gone a lot--today Naomi and I were at a training on family planning and STDs for four hours. I am deeply scarred--I don't know if I will ever be able to forget those pictures of venereal warts.... *shudder* But I also got lots of good information...it would be fun to be in SHE. Except for looking at pictures. Like the syphilus we saw today... But back to me not being gone.... I've been online but being obsessively geeky and downloading tons of hacks for my computer... I have a new theme and a new look for my dock and I can change my mouse and I have registered CandyBar and it's been rather scary. At least, I imagine it would be scary if I took an objective look at my behaviour.

Also, last night I had a scary dream. I was Barbara Walter's love slave, and she was cruel and evil. I found out she was having an affair with this man and I left her, but eventually I came crawling back. Also she had a really evil dog that was always in the center of attention, who I think may have been a former lover of hers who she turned into a dog so she couldn't leave her. It was v. odd.

Also, I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today. It was about what I expected--typical action, and yet just as exciting as I thought it would be because of all the literary connections. I particularly appreciated "Fantom" rigging Venice with gunpowder in the same way Erik rigged the Paris Opera House in the book of Phantom of the Opera. (Which reminds me--I see Phantom in SF on Thursday... yay!) Jekyl was sweet, but Hyde was overdone... not at all the way I imagined him when I read the story. Stuart Townsend... wow. He managed to do the *same* nothing accent he did in QotD... I had a vaguely optimistic hope that he was only bad in the one movie, but he has now proven to be universally bad. And yay for me recognizing Prof. Moriarty the instant he introduced himself as "M"--although, despite many obvious clues (such as "Fantom's" ring having the same logo as "M's" doors) I spent the movie until he became evil wondering how they could have Moriarty and not make him evil... silly, silly me.

Also, this is my 100th entry on liveJournal...go me.
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