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1) What do you think of Scientologists?
Mostly they scare me. I haven't really met any (I did once pass a scientologist center in Oregon) but they occasionally show up in autobiographies I've read to tell the author that all her pain is in her head and that she should keep being an auto repair person despite having CFS.

2) Why did you not like Dani when you first met her?
that's rather complicated. It mostly tied into the fact that I'm really judgemental when I first meet people, and I judged her too quickly. :( I think Elissa and I made the same wrong snap judgement but I got over it within a couple weeks and Elissa let it last all year... She can be a bit intimidating when you don't actually know her, oddly enough. Also the hair ;-). Although I don't think that played into it as much as I thought it did... her haircut just coincided with my getting to know her better.

3) What do you most like and dislike about yourself?
I think I like the simple fact of being me, and existing in my head. I love to sit around and think about things, even if they're stupid, and I'm rather egotistical, intellectually. I like the fact that I get lots and lots of joy out of really geeky things.
I hate obsessing over things I've done wrong until I'm killing myself with guilt. I mean, I'm making these business cards for this woman, and she gave me this picture to put on the card and it's been impossible because it's really small and really detailed and keeps getting pixellated, and as a result I'm spending more time on it than I should (I've spent 3 hours on the one flower) and as a result am overcharging her and it's not my fault but I just feel so guilty!

4) Which Dem. candidate do you like the most?
hmmm.... I've been a bad girl and not paying as much attention to the race as I should be so far. I like Dean--he seems really good. But if I like Dean this much it makes it less likely for him to win in the general election. I'm also partial to Edwards becasue I saw him speak last year and he was really cool.

5) Why did you cut your hair
see this entry in ujournal.

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