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Ears all better!!!!

Went to doctor today, he and nurse worked ear-healing magic, and left with all hearing restored. Am v. pleased. Tx worked well.

And if anyone other than Marjorie knows the meaning of Tx (in the spiffy medical context), they get 500 bonus points. Because I learned it today in the AWAD email and will be using it as an abbreviation from now on as it is just plain cool.

I have other new vocabulary, inspired by conversation with Emmy:
*Road to El Dorado soundtrack plays*
Elton John: ....lovers sold down the river...
Molly: what does that mean?
Emmy: huh?
Molly: "lovers sold down the river"--what possible connection is there with. El Dorado?
Emmy: it's talking about slavery
Molly: I see... no, I really don't.... slavery where?
Emmy: Africa
Molly: I see... no, I really don't... how does Africa have *anything* to do with El Dorado?
Emmy: um
*conversation ensues, discussion of slavery and possible meanings of line*
Molly: maybe it's talking about betrayal, and he's saying Miguel and Tulio are lovers? *is big slasher*
Emmy: no! Miguel and Tulio are not lovers! They're.... more like brothers.
Molly: maybe "lovers" is short for "loving brothers?"

and for the rest of the conversation we made many references to "loving brothers." So if I say that in the future, that's the context.


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