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from [livejournal.com profile] melichan

1) What do you think of Scientologists?
Mostly they scare me. I haven't really met any (I did once pass a scientologist center in Oregon) but they occasionally show up in autobiographies I've read to tell the author that all her pain is in her head and that she should keep being an auto repair person despite having CFS.

2) Why did you not like Dani when you first met her?
that's rather complicated. It mostly tied into the fact that I'm really judgemental when I first meet people, and I judged her too quickly. :( I think Elissa and I made the same wrong snap judgement but I got over it within a couple weeks and Elissa let it last all year... She can be a bit intimidating when you don't actually know her, oddly enough. Also the hair ;-). Although I don't think that played into it as much as I thought it did... her haircut just coincided with my getting to know her better.

3) What do you most like and dislike about yourself?
I think I like the simple fact of being me, and existing in my head. I love to sit around and think about things, even if they're stupid, and I'm rather egotistical, intellectually. I like the fact that I get lots and lots of joy out of really geeky things.
I hate obsessing over things I've done wrong until I'm killing myself with guilt. I mean, I'm making these business cards for this woman, and she gave me this picture to put on the card and it's been impossible because it's really small and really detailed and keeps getting pixellated, and as a result I'm spending more time on it than I should (I've spent 3 hours on the one flower) and as a result am overcharging her and it's not my fault but I just feel so guilty!

4) Which Dem. candidate do you like the most?
hmmm.... I've been a bad girl and not paying as much attention to the race as I should be so far. I like Dean--he seems really good. But if I like Dean this much it makes it less likely for him to win in the general election. I'm also partial to Edwards becasue I saw him speak last year and he was really cool.

5) Why did you cut your hair
see this entry in ujournal.

Alors, readers, you can...
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5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
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In honor of Willits being in the news and all, I have given my journal a new title. "Hey Prowler, did you pay for that milk?" with the subtitle "This store is called Safeway because people who shop here are safe." I would very much like to see the Prowler video again--do your parents still have it, Hannah? It makes me *so* happy... whenever I pass the hospital I have an urge to reinact the Prowler's death scene on the lawn. And I've occasionally gotten excited about pencils and checking them for fingerprints :-D

I've also made myself a new icon... because, clearly, I have not had enough Hedwig icons in the history of this journal. At least this one has no gummy bears on it...

And if anyone wonders where I've been over the last couple of days, it's not that I've been gone. Although I have been gone a lot--today Naomi and I were at a training on family planning and STDs for four hours. I am deeply scarred--I don't know if I will ever be able to forget those pictures of venereal warts.... *shudder* But I also got lots of good information...it would be fun to be in SHE. Except for looking at pictures. Like the syphilus we saw today... But back to me not being gone.... I've been online but being obsessively geeky and downloading tons of hacks for my computer... I have a new theme and a new look for my dock and I can change my mouse and I have registered CandyBar and it's been rather scary. At least, I imagine it would be scary if I took an objective look at my behaviour.

Also, last night I had a scary dream. I was Barbara Walter's love slave, and she was cruel and evil. I found out she was having an affair with this man and I left her, but eventually I came crawling back. Also she had a really evil dog that was always in the center of attention, who I think may have been a former lover of hers who she turned into a dog so she couldn't leave her. It was v. odd.

Also, I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today. It was about what I expected--typical action, and yet just as exciting as I thought it would be because of all the literary connections. I particularly appreciated "Fantom" rigging Venice with gunpowder in the same way Erik rigged the Paris Opera House in the book of Phantom of the Opera. (Which reminds me--I see Phantom in SF on Thursday... yay!) Jekyl was sweet, but Hyde was overdone... not at all the way I imagined him when I read the story. Stuart Townsend... wow. He managed to do the *same* nothing accent he did in QotD... I had a vaguely optimistic hope that he was only bad in the one movie, but he has now proven to be universally bad.spoiler )

Also, this is my 100th entry on liveJournal...go me.
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I was wondering if this thing was as big elsewhere as it is here right now... tickets for the World Premier are $50-$75. And I had no idea that Karen changed the name of East Commercial Street... curious.

Goodness, Golden Rule in the news... that's just scary.
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Threat rating: Low. You are annoying, but too much
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meme ) from [livejournal.com profile] l33t_h4x0r

sleepy time now
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It has been several days since I last posted... I am working with my addiction and although I don't think that I can get to the point when I never post, I have made progress. The truth is, I have been away from home for the last two days...

Yesterday I went to the Bay Area to pick up Naomi... it is v. wonderful to have a sister again. I missed her. sigh.

Today I went with my parents to visit friends around Potter Valley. We got v. lost on the way to their house, because my parents didn't trust me when I thought a particular driveway was theirs (we had only been there once and we forgot the map and this was on Mid Mountain, which is a confusing tangle of dirt roads [Anon and Erika moved to Mid Mountain from the Potter Valley Pine Mountain when Erika and I were in high school]) and we kept driving... eventually we got there, though. It was fun. I hung out with Erika for a long time while our parents went down to the pond, and we barbequed together... I did lots of prawn-shelling today. I think shelling prawns is a lot more satisfying than eating them, and it's something I kind of miss about not eating meat. But I got to do it today and it was fun. It was really great to see them--Erika and I were really great friends when we were little and I went to school in Potter Valley (this was when I lived on Black Bart Trail, on the hill between Redwood Valley and Potter Valley) and now we only see each other once or twice a year. The first time I ever spent the night at a friend's, it was Erika's--our parents met because they were pregnant at the same time and in the same birthing class. There were a couple of interesting moments in the course of the day. For example, the point when Anon (Erika's mom) told my parents they should grow pot to make money. "That's not really our style," my mom said. Anon nodded sagely, "You don't have enough land." Overall, though, it was just wonderful to see them. I've been reminiscent all day, thinking about the time I've spent with them.

And, just for the record, I would like to clairify exactly how much our Explorer sucks. Now, admittedly, this delightful SUV is a 1992 model and has been through a *lot.* For example the time we were leaving Lett's Lake and one of the tires went flying and Mom, Naomi and Maggie had to find all the bolts from the hub cap and get a repairman out to the middle of nowhere. Anon, Erika and I helped them when we caught up in Anon's truck. But... the driver's control is the only way to open and close the windows in the car. The back righthand window control went out years ago. I guess over the winter the back lefthand window went out completely and is now held closed with a stick. Today we found that the front passenger window control is also out. The heater hasn't worked in two or three years--not something that matters in this weather (it reached the hundreds in Ukiah today) but causes lots of problems in the winter. A few weeks ago when I was with my dad in the Explorer I noticed a puffy white cloudy substance rising from under the hood. "Um, Dad, I think there's steam under the hood," I said. "Don't worry, it's just smoke," my dad replied. I guess the oil drips onto the engine and burns, causing the smoke. It just terrifies me that my dad, who has built I don't know how many cars, can't help the Explorer. It is time for us to say goodbye.
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Ears all better!!!!

Went to doctor today, he and nurse worked ear-healing magic, and left with all hearing restored. Am v. pleased. Tx worked well.

And if anyone other than Marjorie knows the meaning of Tx (in the spiffy medical context), they get 500 bonus points. Because I learned it today in the AWAD email and will be using it as an abbreviation from now on as it is just plain cool.

I have other new vocabulary, inspired by conversation with Emmy:
*Road to El Dorado soundtrack plays*
Elton John: ....lovers sold down the river...
Molly: what does that mean?
Emmy: huh?
Molly: "lovers sold down the river"--what possible connection is there with. El Dorado?
Emmy: it's talking about slavery
Molly: I see... no, I really don't.... slavery where?
Emmy: Africa
Molly: I see... no, I really don't... how does Africa have *anything* to do with El Dorado?
Emmy: um
*conversation ensues, discussion of slavery and possible meanings of line*
Molly: maybe it's talking about betrayal, and he's saying Miguel and Tulio are lovers? *is big slasher*
Emmy: no! Miguel and Tulio are not lovers! They're.... more like brothers.
Molly: maybe "lovers" is short for "loving brothers?"

and for the rest of the conversation we made many references to "loving brothers." So if I say that in the future, that's the context.
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hentaidemon78 (3:44:46 PM): i wanna know who my Gryffindor Hunk of love is
mopeds r us (3:44:57 PM): you should take the test then
hentaidemon78 (3:46:56 PM): OH SWEET
hentaidemon78 (3:46:58 PM): I GOT THE BEST ONE
mopeds r us (3:47:03 PM): who?
hentaidemon78 (3:47:07 PM): Sirius
mopeds r us (3:47:24 PM): I wanted Remus...
mopeds r us (3:47:27 PM): sigh
hentaidemon78 (3:47:34 PM): thatd be coo
hentaidemon78 (3:47:41 PM): but I got Sirius
hentaidemon78 (3:47:43 PM): *dances*
mopeds r us (3:47:56 PM): go you
hentaidemon78 (3:47:58 PM): he gots a motorcycle and he's a convicted murderer... AND HE TURNS INTO A PUPPY!
mopeds r us (3:48:11 PM): what a heartthrob, eh?
hentaidemon78 (3:48:17 PM): god yes
hentaidemon78 (3:48:22 PM): I'm all a twitter
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Phantom lyrics just popped randomly into my head. Well, not entirely randomly, as they were inspired by my hearing the word "twisted," although it took me several minutes to realize that that was the reason.

Twisted every way
What answer can I give?
Am I to risk my life
To win the chance to live?
Can I betray the man
Who once inspired my voice?
Do I become his prey?
Do I have any choice?
He kills without a thought
He murders all that's good
I know I can't refuse
And yet I wish I could
Oh God if I agree
What horrors wait for me
In this this the Phantom's Opera?

Christine, Christine
Don't think that I don't care
But every hope and every prayer
Rests on you now....

I really can't believe that we're going to see Phantom so soon. On the fourth Emmy said "We're going to see Phantomin a week!" and I panicked, but she was exaggerating. We're going on the seventeenth. It will be v. cool... the three of us in the Big City on our own... go us.

Ear update: I think it was improving until I took a shower this morning and got more water in it. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor, and hopefully my hearing will be restored. I have a new respect for the deaf--it's really irritating to have to have the correct ear faced towards someone to hear what they are saying.


Jul. 6th, 2003 04:03 pm
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Happy Deathday!
Your name:darkest_light
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*edited to add James of the freakishly high compatability*

sgtcheddah 102%
alexmalfoy 91%
melichan 91%
satan_dot_com 91%
misa_bean 87%
militantgeek 71%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Here's what's ironic:
alexmalfoy: never met (in fact, I'm just his stalker)
satan_dot_com: never met
melichan: met once, before I knew her, so it doesn't really count (but know pretty well)
misa_bean: know fairly well
militantgeek: know very well

Silly quiz

Jul. 5th, 2003 11:21 pm
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*falls off chair laughing at title of quiz*

Hermione Granger is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.
Hermione Granger is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.

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I got water in my ear earlier :(. And now I can't hear out of it. It makes me muy triste.

Also, why do all the cool nerdy people turn selfish and bad? I'm watching Mi Familia and Memo, who is always doing homework as a child and becomes a lawyer, turns into a pompous asshole who is embarrassed by his family. Percy did the same thing in Harry Potter. What is wrong with people who like to follow the rules and get ahead? wah.
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A direct quote from my mom:

"You give us crazy-ass historical context"
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California Democrats are currently driven to a rather desperate form of political manouvering. You see, if the Republicans get their way and Gov. Davis is recalled (I don't like him all that much but he *did* win the office last fall, and the Republicans *could* have beaten him there if the state *wanted* a Republican Governor) there is a good chance that Arnold Schwartzenegger will run for the office.

This is a man who joined the Republican Party because he admired Reagan. He's got a decent stance on most liberal issues, but still.

If Gray Davis the psuedorepublican can't get us out of the budget crisis, how is Arnold Schwartzenegger going to solve the problem? Is he going to beat it up? Lift weights and make it go away?

There's a LOT of speculation, though, that if T3 does unusually well, he will stay in the movies for a bit longer before going into politics.

So this is the odd request: Going to see T3 is a good thing for California. :-D
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I had a wonderful day. My parents have been gone for several days, and it was getting rather boring around here... yesterday I started watching bad television and thinking about how much Laura B. would hate my room--it's on the second floor, but it's got a sliding glass door to a balcony which a stalker could easily climb.

But anyway. My beautiful day. I went outside and stood in the sunlight for awhile, watching these cool-looking bugs and butterflies drink nectar from the pink flowers in the flower box on the bridge. I didn't realize we had any butterflies around our house, because I don't usually spend time on the bridge, but we have a *ton* of butterflies! The butterflies inspired me to take photos, but by the time I got out the digital camera and dealt with its disk issues (it's a very old camera and takes a floppy disk. It also has no eyepiece--you have to look at the lcd screen to figure out what it's pointing at) there were no more butterflies close enough to photograph. So instead I took photos of my house )

This evening I went to the Frontier Days carnival with Heather and Cody. (Yes. Frontier Days. In Willits the Fourth of July has nothing to do with the Revolutionary War and everything to do with the rodeo.) It was lots of fun--Heather and I have learned that we have the same choice in rides, so we hit the carnival together. I've been having a lot of fun with Heather this summer... I don't think we've gotten along this well since she and Cody started going out. And Cody hasn't been that bad the last few times I've seen him--he didn't giggle once today.

Heather is spending the night tomorrow... yay! We will have lots of fun and act like we're 12... yay!
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I am watching the Tough Crowd, and they just made fun of Mary-Ann's commercial!!!!!

*slows down and explains self* Mary-Ann, the Unitarian Universalist Advisor at MHC, works for a group called the Ecclesiastical Environmental Agency or somesuch. A few months ago she went to a big conference on using religion to convince people to drive more environmentally friendly cars. She drove around with nuns in electric cars and such. But she mentioned that the more evangelical groups came up with these ads, with the catchphrase "What Would Jesus Drive?"

And they were making fun of the "What Would Jesus Drive?" ad, which I hadn't actually seen before. And although it is really a laughable ad, I was mostly just surprised to hear about it from someone other than Mary-Ann.
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The name of Molly creates a restless, creative nature that takes you into many ventures, but does not allow you to see things through to a satisfactory completion. Yours is a versatile, musical, artistic, but independent nature and you must have the freedom to express your creative ideas and abilities to be happy. An urge for independence causes dissatisfaction and frustration in close relationships and you find the "ties that bind" restricting. The qualities of this name would find a more constructive outlet in work that involves high-pressure selling or promotional activities, possibly in community affairs, for it contains a positive, driving power. It is difficult for you to merge with others; although you have quickness of mind, you lack tolerance and can give way to impatience at another's slowness or shortcomings. If you cannot complete your plans when you wish to do so, you could suffer intense moods of depression and extreme sensitivity in the region of the solar plexus, resulting possibly in ulcers or nervous disorders. This name could take you into bitter experiences through impulsive action. You need more stability to find peace of mind, relaxation and happiness in life.

Your first name of Mollie has given you a quick-minded, sensitive nature. It gives you a creative ability in art, music, singing, or fancywork and an appreciation for refined surroundings. Your sociable nature expresses affection, kindness, and thoughtfulness to the extent that it is difficult for you not to be affected by others and governed by your emotions, rather than by logic and reason. As you respond to love and encouragement from others, your romantic and dreamy nature can easily lead you into love affairs. Your desire for peace at any price can result in going out of your way to avoid arguments and confrontation or hurting the feelings of others. Also, budgeting can be a problem as you enjoy spending money and can easily ignore being practical. Any health weaknesses would show in skin conditions, and also fluid problems affecting the glandular system and kidneys.

I think I'm more of a Mollie than a Molly, as it turns out. I suppose living... 8 years? of my life as a Mollie has affected me more than I thought :)

The really weird thing is that all these weird prediction type things describe me as the same person, a person that I'm not. Any aquarius born in the year of the rat, on the 5th of the month, and named Molly, should apparently be making her own clothing out of paper mache and sleeping around, making constant friends with her dazzling extroversion but being fickle. The uptight, predictable, non-artistic me somehow manages to defy all expectations...
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A note to the woman sitting behind me at the movies tonight:

When you decide you don't like a movie and want to leave, common curtesy dictates that you leave the theater, or at least your seat, before using your cellphone to get a ride home.

Thank you. Have a nice day burning in Hell
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