Jun. 2nd, 2003

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I was flying back to Mt. Holyoke, because we had gotten a bill for the semester which was starting, and I had to go back (the bill was an MHC General Bill with $270,000 on it. It later changed to $27,000). My family was there and they helped me put all of my stuff into my room. Then we decided to go to Cornell (I was upset, "but classes start the day after tomorrow! And I'm not moved in yet!" but I was overruled.)

We hung out at a coffee shop for a awhile. I saw one of the girls from the Cornell Chorus. Then I saw the little boys from the New York Children's Choir we performed with at Cornell, including the little blue-tied boy. I waved at a girl and she looked at me funny. Then I decided I really needed to go set up my room, and I ran around in a dorm for awhile before remembering that it couldn't possibly be my dorm, as we were still at Cornell and not at MHC.

Then I was back at MHC and I suddenly realized that it was only July 17, and school wasn't supposed to start until Sept. 4, and I wasn't supposed to be back yet. Also, I was supposed to call Ben. I realized that the bill we had gotten was to say that I *didn't* have to pay $27,000 because I wasn't going to be there for the summer. I had to choose between paying $400 for a plane ticket back home and $27,000 for the summer session.

Then I was going to be in a talent show, and everyone in the talent show got Snood clothing. I got a cool Snood sweater. I really had to go to the bathroom, and I was trying to figure how to leave the auditorium to go to the bathroom without insulting anybody. Then I got up, and in the process woke up.

The weird thing about this dream was that I totally believed that everything in the dream was happening. I usually sit there watching the dream and knowing it's not real, but this time it was in the first person, and there was no narration, and no changes in camera angle or scene changes, so I really thought it was happening. Strange.

(Especially as it's the first dream I've had in a couple weeks that wasn't blatent plagiarism. My dreams have lately ranged from me finding the Sorcerer's Stone in the Chamber of Secrets to Captain Picard helping us to rid Skinner Hall of Peeves the Poltergeist. It's been very strange.)
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I talked to Kim today, and we realized something amazing. Her boyfriend Nate's family lives next door to my grandma! It's quite shocking.

I had fun speaking spanish with Dory today. Dory rocks my socks.
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Would you like to support the Mendocino County Relay For Life?

You can buy a Luminaria in honor of a cancer survivor, or in memory of a cancer victim. This Luminaria will be lighted at the Relay For Life.

Or, you can just help us. I'm also selling raffle tickets for household chores (one hour of housework or yardwork), but if you live outside of California (or, for that matter, outside Mendocino County) the logistics of getting a team to your house will make it impractical.



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